All these amazing humans have stayed at the guest room, shared studio with us or shown at our gallery


Caroline Lavergne (CA)

Caroline was our very first guest. She used to be Editor in Chief of the C2 Montréal creative conference. She made a beautiful project, visiting and drawing the ateliers and workshops of artisans in our area.

“This time to think and draw was exactly what I needed, and Luis and Yuka gave me the home I needed to make the best out of Tokyo. I have met some wonderful people and I am forever grateful for making me part of their adventure in Taito.“


Matthew Forsythe (CA)

Matt is an award-winning illustrator, designer and author. He used to be the Lead Designer for Adventure Time. while in Japan, he rented a desk at Almost Perfect to work on his latest picture book.

"Yuka and Luis and Señor gave me a family and a home away from home in Japan. It was also endlessly inspiring to work in their historic building - and the neighbourhood quickly became one of my favourites in Tokyo."

Laszlito Kovacs

Laszlito Kovacs (ES)

Originally from Spain, Laszlito started as a designer running a design company for several years in Oviedo and then moved to Amsterdam where he became a famous illustrator, working for big brands and prestigious publications worldwide like Monocle, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and Adobe. He is currently the creative director of WeTransfer.

"A thousand things must go well before something becomes almost perfect.”


Hugo Tillman (UK)

Hugo stayed with us for a short period where he did research for a future exhibition. His project is very interesting, exploring incense’s qualities to carry information.

He makes films, shoots for magazines, is a great listener and interesting conversation partner.


Richard Byers (AU)

Light artist, designer, drawer, programmer & photographer Richard also works as Head of Concept for a product design consultancy. In his stay and show he made amazing drawings of numerous buildings from his favoirite Taito/Sumida area on an “orihon(Folding book)”.


Ailsa Johnson (UK)

Ailsa rented a desk for 6 months while working on her vibrant illustrations. She also held a show of small sculptures and prints.

“Almost Perfect is a home from home, with a kettle, a cat and of course good company. It’s pretty magic to be able to work in such a homely, beautiful and creative space in the heart of Tokyo. Yuka and Luis are doing something special.”

Charles Berberian

Charles Berberian (FR)

World famous comic author, musician and all-around wonderful person Charles Berberian came from Paris and although he didn’t stay with us, his exhibition was the first we held on our gallery walls. On the opening party he played some live music for us, which made it all magical.

Luca Campri

Luca Campri (IT)

Luca is an Italian photographer based in London. He has a fresh style in fashion and portraits, all marked out by a spontaneous approach. Luca has contributed to big publications like The Wall Street Journal or Vogue, and brands like Burberry, Max Mara or Jil Sander.

"I wished I was Señor."

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 23.13.31.png

Iris Humm (IT)

Iris was born in Milan, Italy, in 1988 from a Swiss father and a French mother with Asian origins. She currently lives in Barcelona, Spain, and still trying to find out where she’s from. She photographs and makes incredibly sensitive films for clients around the world.