We have had already these amazing people at the guest room and gallery


Caroline Lavergne (CA)

All the way from Canada, Caroline was our very first guest. She stayed with us for 2 months while she made a beautiful project, visiting the ateliers and workshops of artisans in our area, she got inspired by the busy spaces, filled with tools and craftsmanship.


Hugo Tillman (UK)

Hugo stayed with us for a short period where he did research for a future exhibition. His project is very interesting, exploring incense’s qualities to carry information.

He makes films, shoots for magazines, is a great listener and interesting conversation partner.

Charles Berberian

Charles Berberian (FR)

World famous comic author, musician and all-around wonderful person Charles Berberian came from Paris and although he didn’t stay with us, his exhibition was the first we held on our wall. On the opening party he played some music for us, which made it all magical.